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      From the melting furnaces , to the hot mill, through the finishing stands, all along the way, Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. carry the loads that make, move, and shape the metal into it's final marketable form.  WYDV Beairngs are used everyday to roll out finished aluminum, steel, and brass products.
      WYDV has been supplying all types of bearings for this industry all over the world for decades in numerous types of equipment.  BOF trunions and drives, pinion stands, two-high and four-high rolling mills, coilers, runout tables and furnace cars.  Typically, large multirow cylindrical and tapered roller bearings are used for high radial and thrust loads, while some mills use deep-grove ball bearings and ball angular-contact bearings for location and thrust.


      313891A 314190 315189A 313812 314553
      313893 313811 313839 313824 313823
      313427B 313822 314719C 313487 314274B
      313445C 314554B BC4B316515 BC4B319411 315257A
      FC182870 FC3852168E FC5274230 FCDP74104400 FCDP102136500
      FC182874 FC3853124 FC5276220 FCDP74108400 FCDP102140540
      FC1828105 FC3854166 FCD52762S0E FCD76100290 FCDP102146520E
      FC202870 FC3854168 FCD5276280 FCD76104280 FCDP102146520
      FC202880 FC3854170 FCD5280290 FCD76104280E FCDP102152550
      FC2028104 FC3854200 FCD5280335 FCD76104290 FCDP104140540
      FC202970 FC3856200 FC5476230 FCD76104300 FCDP104147535
      FC2030106 FC4054120 FCD5476275E FCD76108300 FCDP104150530
      FC223490 FC4054170 FCD5476275 FCD76108340 FCDP106140540
      FC223492 FC4056170 FC5478220 FCDP76108400E FCDP106152520E
      FC2234120 FC4056188 FCD5478240 FCDP76108400 FCDP106152520
      FC243692 FC4056200E FC5480220 FCDP76112300 FCDP106156500
      FC2436105 FC4056200 FC5675200 FCDP76112325 FCDP106156570
      FC2436120 FC4058130 FC5676170 FCD78102290 FCDP106156570E
      FC2443102 FC4058192 FC5676192 FCD78108320 FCDP106174670
      FC2640104 FC4058202 FCD5678290 FCD78110310 FCDP110148510
      FC2640125 FC4062130 FC5678220 FCDP78110400 FCDPl10160520
      FC2838119 FC4062200 FC5678240 FCD80104250 FCDP110160520
      FC2842100 FC4062230 FCD5678275 FCDPS0108380 FCDPl10160560
      FC2842106 FC4064216 FCD5678275Y FCDPS0110300E FCDP112136360
      FC2842116 FC4258192 FCD5680285 FCDPS0110300 FCDP112160600
      FC2842125 FC4258192E FCD5682300 FCDP80112400 FCDPl12164600
      FC2842155 FC4260170 FCD5684250 FCDP80112410 FCDP112164630
      FC2942155 FC4260210 FCD5684300 FCDP80108440 FCDP114163594
      FC2945156 FC4458192 FC5878190 FCDP82112400 FCDP114166600
      FC2946156 FC4460160 FC5878234 FCDP82120440 FCDP116170640
      FC3042120 FC4460190 FC5880180 FCD84112260 FCD120164550
      FC3044120   FC4460192 FC5882240 FCD84112280 FCDP120164575
      FC3044150 FCD4460200 FCD5884300 FCD84116320 FCDP120174540
      FC3045120 FC4462190 FCD5888310 FCDP84120440 FCDP120174640E
      FC3045150 FC4462/92 FCD6080300 FCD84124300 FCDP120174640
      FC3046130 FC4462192E FCD6084180 FCDP84124400E FCDP120184680
      FC3046150 FCD4462204 FC6084218 FCDP84124400 FCD122164430
      FC3046156 FC1)4462215 FC6084240 FCD86114340 FCDP122174660
      FC3244180 FCD4462225E FC6084240E FCDP86118420 FCD126170436
      FC3245120 FCD4462225 FCD6084300 FCDP88124450E FCDP126180670
      FC3246130 FCD4462265 FCD6092270 FCDP88124450 FCDP130180650
      FC3246130E FC4464160 FCD6092350 FCD88130355 FCDP130184670
      FC3246168 FC4464192 FC6488240 FCDP88132340 FCDP130184690
      FC3246168E FCD4464210 FCD6488286 FCD90108300 FCDP130184690E
      FC3246168E1 FCD4464210E FCD6488300 FCDP90108435 FCD132164440
      FC3246180 FCD4466230 FC6490180 FCDP90126450 FCD132176450
      FC3248120 FC4468192 FC6490240 FCD92122322 FCD136188600
      FC3248124 FCD4468210 FC6490240E FCD92124320 FCDP136196640
      FC3248168 FCD4468290 FCD6492300 FCD92124400 FCDP138196715
      FC3248170 FCD4469210 FCD6492240 FCD92130355 FCDP138196750
      FC3446120 FC4666170 FCD6492340 FCDP92130424 FCD140186620
      FC3446130 FC4666206E FCD6494350 FCDP92130470 FCD140196600
      FC3446180 FC4666206 FCD6496350 FCDP92132475 FCDP142200715
      FC3448130 FGD4668260 FC6686230 FCDP92134500 FCD146188500
      FC3448156 FCD4673250 FC6688200 FCDP92140540 FCD146192620
      FC3450150 FC4866180 FCD6692340 FCD96130340 FCDP146206750
      FC3450168 FCD4866220 FCD6692340E FCD96130420 FCD150200500
      FC3450170 FCD4866220E FC6890250E FCDP96130450 FCDP150200670
      FC3451180 FC4868192 FC6890250 FCD96136420 FCDP156214780
      FC3452120 FCD4868220 FC6890250E1 FCDP96136500 FCD160216700
      FC3452150 FCD4870220 FC6892260 FCDP96136500E FCD160216700E
      FC3452170 FCD4872220E FC6896280 FCDP96136500E1 FCDP160216750
      FC3452192 FCD4872220 FCD6896350 FCDP96140500 FCDP164226800
      FC3452225 FC5068170 FCD6898300 FCDP96140530 FCDP164232840
      FC3650120 FC5068220 FCD68100370 FC100130260 FCDP164232840E
      FC3650130 FCD5068230 FCD68120380 FCDP100134450E FCD170230650
      FC3650156 FCS070220E FCDP70100380 FCDP100134450 FCDP170230800
      FC3650156E FC5070220 FCDP70100410 FCDP100136450 FCDP170230840
      FC3652120 FCDS070230 FCDP70104300 FCDP100138470 FCD170236650
      FC3652124 FC5072220 FC7296290E FCDP100138510 FCDP170236850E
      FC3652156 FC5272192 FC7296290 FCDP100140500 FCDP170236850
      FC3652160 FC5272204 FC72100250 FCDP100140515 FCDP170244900
      FC3652168 FC5272230 FCDP72102400 FCDP100142480 FCDP180244840
      FC3653180 FCD5272260 FCDP72104380 FCDP100144400 FCDP180256930
      FC3656180E FC5274192 FC7496230 FCDP100144530  
      FC3656180 FC5274200 FC7496250 FCDP100144530E  
      FC3852168 FC5274220 FCDP74104380 FCD102134320  

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