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      We are one of the most specialized bearing manufactures in China, not only offer our products, but also providing technical service and optimization suggestions for all of our customers and service for all of our product. We supply to our customers with the big size bearings of good quality and reasonable price.

      Quality Control
      For raw material: we utilize raw materials from first-class manufactories such as Dongbei Special Steel Group Co., Ltd (Dalian Jinniu Co., Ltd.), Shanghai BaoSteel Group Corporation, and Timken (USA) carburized steel. To strictly control the quality of raw materials in order to insure the quality of bearings, the raw material must pass comprehensive national standards inspection by Kim Sang microscopic, before production.

      For the equipment, our company has advanced forging lines, turning lines, grinding lines, roller element lines, heat treatment lines, assembly lines.

      Technical Support: We have 17 technicians and 56 quality control staffs. Our engineers offer qualified support from the very beginning with designing supports, answer technical questions and develop solutions with our customers.

      We won ISO9001:2000, ISO9001:2008 certificate to Design, Production and After-sales Service of large size bearings.

      After Sales Service
      •We will reply to your request within 12 hours after receiving your quality notice. Meanwhile, for the failed products, we supplied the Analysis Reports and Compensation and Solutions Plan.
      •If one-site technical training or assistance in technical issues is needed, we will fully support.
      •We will provide added value services like professional advice and technical services, in order to extend the working life of bearings.